Specific Defect Surveys

We provide a range of specific defect surveys which are typically identified by a bank/lenders valuation or within a building/homebuyers survey report.

We have experience in inspecting a wide range of defects including but not limited to:

  • Dampness
  • Cracking monitoring, cause identification and assessment
  • Building movement
  • Timber decay
  • Timber beetle infestation/attack
  • Wall tie failure
  • Post flooding inspections
  • Fire damage surveys
  • Concrete defects
  • Non-traditional housing inspections including steel frame exposure and assessment
  • Invasive inspections
  • Identifying vermin entry points and associated resultant defects

Our specific defect survey will typically be followed by a written letter report to clarify findings and document the defects, likely cause and necessary remedial measures. Our reporting formats are however adaptable and can be tailored to suit a client’s requirements where possible.

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