Non-traditional housing inspections

We understand that lenders are increasingly concerned about the structural integrity of non-traditional housing and as such, they recommend that a purchaser seek a structural report from a competent and qualified Chartered Building Surveyor. In addition to lenders, purchasers and owners are also becoming more concerned about the integrity of non-traditional houses and seek reassurance that the subject building will be structurally sufficient to achieve a reasonable future lifespan.

We can inspect a non-traditional building in line with published industry guidance related to the specific non-traditional house type where possible. We can also undertake the invasive inspection and exposure works as typically required by lenders in order to assess the frame of a building, which could typically include a steel element which may be corroded.

We have the resource in house to undertake invasive exposure works and carry the appropriate insurances for doing so.

Our inspection will be backed up by a written report which will summarise the elemental condition which we are instructed to inspect and will provide recommendations for repairs where necessary.

Do not hesitate to contact our office for further information or advice from one of our surveyors.

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