Building Surveys (RICS Level 3)

Also known as the ‘Full Structural Survey’, the Building Survey is designed to provide a full assessment of the construction of the building and its current condition. It is usually carried out on an element by element basis, commencing with the roof, moving onto walls and foundations, windows etc. The survey may be tailored to suit clients specific requirements which could include a reduced focus on internal finishes given planned refurbishment for instance or a more focused view on structural items/defects.

This is the highest level of RICS compliant survey and our delivery and reporting format is consistent with regulated RICS guidance for reassurance and peace of mind. Moreover, our building surveys are endorsed by a Chartered Building Surveyor to reinforce our quality, knowledge, experience and independence.

This survey does not include a building valuation, however we are able to offer this as a bolt on service should this be required for an additional fee.

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