Building Surveys Summary

Building Surveyors Ltd offers all levels of RICS compliant building surveys to provide reassurance and informed advice on a residential property transaction. Our experienced Chartered Surveyors understand buildings, how they are designed and constructed, where they can fail and how to repair failings and how to maintain a building correctly to maximise its lifespan.

Moreover, we undertake our surveys professionally, diligently and in a timely manner to make the stressful process of purchasing a property that little bit more straightforward.

There are 3 levels of survey including the following in order of the most comprehensive and detailed down to the most concise:

  • Level 3) Full Building Survey (also known as a full structural survey)
  • Level 2) Homebuyers Survey (an intermediate survey)
  • Level 1) Condition Survey (a short property overview)

We also offer a summary building survey which essentially provides the executive summary element of a full building survey for a reduced price and faster delivery. This proves most popular with clients looking to purchase a property at auction where they may not wish to fully commit to a full report when they may not be successful in purchasing the end property.

We are a go to consultancy for major estate agents, property investors, portfolio owners and the general public and we pride ourselves in offering a reliable and cost-effective service.

Browse our survey services specifically and watch this RICS video to discover which survey meets your requirements:

An RICS survey guide is available (from the download link below) which can assist with selecting the appropriate level of survey for your needs.

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