New Home Snagging

Building Surveyors Ltd are now regularly being approached by buyers of new homes due to concerns raised in regard to finish and quality of workmanship. With demand for new housing at record levels and house builders desperate to complete buildings quickly on a limited budget, it is becoming more common to discover defects in new homes.

We have trained and experienced building surveyors and snagging experts in house which enable us to visit new buildings and complete a snag of defects and finishing requirements which to the untrained eye, may go un-noticed until the purchaser physically moves in and experiences the defect or comes to sell on the property and the issue is picked up by a buyer’s building surveyor.

Our service is comprehensive, and we will provide a snagging list to hand to the building contractor to be used to negotiate repairs and outstanding works.

You will feel at ease knowing your new home has been correctly inspected and is what you envisaged at the time of placing the order/purchase.

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