Boundary Disputes & identification

A boundary dispute between neighbours and adjoining owners is a particularly sensitive and delicate issue where tensions between parties can be high.

We have been involved in a wide range of residential and commercial boundary disputes where we have taken a side step form the parties involved and have independently assessed and identified the location of boundaries and determined the responsibility of ownership and repairs. We are experienced in this process and understand how to determine a boundary location and the ownership of a boundary or structure.

Typically, where a dispute escalates to the courts, a Judge will in most cases, instruct the parties involved to appoint an experienced surveyor to determine their opinion on the matter. Consequently, we have received numerous appointments where our Chartered Surveyors have assessed boundary features, plans, maps, deeds and photographs to provide an expert report for the parties involved to rely on or for a Judge to determine a conclusive decision.

In addition to this service, we can provide accurate lease plans, land registry plans and drawings as required to facilitate a lease or property transaction.

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